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Natural Stone


Through the ages, people have been drawn to natural
stone for its exquisite and timeless beauty, its value,
its ability to be shaped into endless forms and its superior utility and strength. From the beginning of time, natural
stone has become a natural canvas and a building block for more lasting and majestic forms of artistic expression.


Natural stones have various properties so they should not be put into one category.
 Let's list some characteristics of different stones so you can discover which natural
stone will best serve your needs.



Limestone is formed from the sedimentary process. Calcium from shells and sea life filter to the bottom of oceans, lakes, and river beds to combine with carbon dioxide.

If you like soft unsurprising color characteristics, a honed look that will not show etching like a polished surface, and don’t mind scratches, reactions with acid, or sealing the surface 2X a year then limestone is the natural stone for you.



Travertine is a form of limestone that features small holes and fissures upon its surface with trapped plant vegetation that decayed over time, leaving voids in their place.

If you like a natural Tuscany look with soft textures, a variety of monochromatic colors and don’t mind the same negative characteristics as limestone then travertine is the natural stone for you.



Marble is a natural chemically neutral limestone that has crystallized through extreme heat and pressure.

If you like beautiful flowing colors with lots of texture and movement and don’t mind a stone that scratches easily then marble is the natural stone for you.



Granite is an igneous rock that began its life as liquid magma within the earth’s core. It’s a mixture of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

If you like a surface that is one of the hardest most scratch and heat resistant, a neutral chemical composition that comes in a multitude of playful movement colors or a simple monochromatic color and you don’t mind sealing the surface once a year (watch out for some oils and fats) then granite is the natural stone for you.

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