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Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Quartz is an engineered man-made stone composed of 93% natural quartz particles from elements in granite. The quartz particles are combined in a colored pigmented resin base through a highly advanced process that binds the medium permanently.  It has uniformity with a wide range of colors. Its strength, hardness, and large selections of color choices make it suitable for a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.  Quartz products are an excellent choice for countertops, vanities, bar tops, fireplaces, and tub and spa surrounds.  This engineered stone should not be used for outdoor kitchens since the resin and colored pigments will fade and yellow with sunlight exposure. Quartz products are heat, scratch, and chemical resistant but not heat and scratch proof.  A cutting board and trivet are always recommended with wiping up spills before they dry.  Because quartz is nonporous, sealants or waxes are not required, making quartz easy to maintain.  Meganite® and Corian® are acrylic solid surfaces. Solid surfaces are extremely consistent with a rainbow of colors and patterns that generally do not exist in nature.  Every inch of a solid surface is basically the same as every other inch with seams that are virtually invisible.  This would allow for a seamless integrated sink which is pleasing to the homeowner for its beauty as well as cleanliness. Solid surfaces are non-porous so food, dirt, bacteria or germs will not penetrate its surface, making it ideal for specialized environments. Solid surfaces can be vulnerable to heat, stains, and scratches.  This damage is renewable and repairable.      

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